FRCR 2B Boot Camp (October 2021 Edition)


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This Boot Camp will be intense, it will challenge you, it will be tough and it may break you…But stick to this programme and success will be just around the corner…

The 8 week course consists of:

  • 1 Long case and 1 Rapid set A WEEK for 6 WEEKS using software that mimics the real life exam!
  • A full explanation video of the cases of the week with facility to ask any questions you may have for the faculty.
  • Individualised feedback from the outset. We look for your weakness and work on them till they become your strengths!
  • Hours of video content  on high yield topics and exam techniques over another 2 WEEKS!
  • Topics include – Exam strategy and how to score highly on those “I seriously don’t know” cases!
  • Option to enrol in the PRIORITY  and DISCOUNTED 1:1 Viva coaching session via Zoom and our in house DICOM viewer!

You will not get a better value course anywhere!

If you have any other questions, please refer to our FAQ