NO, this course is entirely online. We refer to our course as a Bootcamp because it is an intense training programme lasting 7 weeks to keep you energetic enthusiastic and fully prepared when the exam date comes.

If you miss the mock exams, we will do our best to mark them, but due to the live nature of the marking this may not be possible.
The very nature of the course is that you will be able to do it in your own time making missing sessions unlikely. The bootcamp is designed to build on knowledge week by week to get you to reach the peak of your powers at the end. So missing mock exams is not ideal but we understand this can happen, so please let us know as soon as possible if circumstances do arise.

Our software mimics all the features of the Practique (RCR) software, it allows you to view and manipulate an image exactly how you would do with Practique. Furthermore, how you answer the questions in our training programme is also very similar to the exam.

Our course is relevant to your 2B training and should be eligible for course reimbursement. Please check with your own departments. Aa few candidates have successfully funded the course via study budget and we are happy to facilitate in any way we can

YES! All exams in the main course are hand marked. We use a mark scheme that we believe is similar to the one RCR use to provide you the most realistic assessment of your performance. Even the in person courses rarely take the time and effort to go through your answers and show you how you are doing in comparison to your cohort.

Our programme is designed to inspire, motivate and energise you. We are not a physical fitness boot camp, but we will make sure you are trained and ready for the final exam.

Not as part of the Core Bootcamp course. If you would like a one on one viva this may be possible. Please contact us letting us know you would be interested. If there is enough interest, we can arrange but it would be a seperate service.

YES! Each paper is marked by an experienced examiner. You will also have access to your performance stats, this can be broken down in many ways to identify your strengths and weakness

There are two types of Video lectures. 1. Feedback video lectures are given after each round of exams, this goes through in detail the answers, how to maximise your marks and key learning points. 2. Exam preparation videos are available to you during the final week to help you physically and mentally prepare with unique tips on what to expect and how to deal with whatever comes at you on the exam day.

Learning and studying are different concepts. A traditional course goes through on average 6 sets over a weekend. It is impossible for the human mind to comprehend so much information and learn the content. So this is studying without learning much. We found from our own experiences that you do not retain as much from such a long arduous study day. Spreading the material over time ensures maximise.

Our drip feed content gives you ONE set (Long case and Rapid set) per week. By going through the answers in detail and a week to reflect, this has the highest impact for learning.