FRCR 2a Book Recommendations (Questions)

After or during your reading up on knowledge then it would be time to do questions. I know people learnt from just doing questions. That is fair enough. Didn’t work for me. But either way I would recommend the following resources (afflinks ahead):

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I found these questions about the standard of the exam and the explanations were really good. I used to do them at work sitting in the back of MDT. I went through them again and again till I got them all right.

SBAs for the FRCR Part 2A (Oxford Specialty Training: Revision Texts) by Richard Lindsay (2012-07-26)

Very wordy questions and  explanations. Too many words on a page make my eyes go funny but overall, this is a great place to start.

Final FRCR Part A Modules 1-3 Single Best Answer MCQS: The SRT Collection of 600 Questions with Explanatory Answers (MasterPass)


Final FRCR Part A Modules 4-6 Single Best Answer MCQS: The SRT Collection of 600 Questions with Explanatory Answers (MasterPass)

Both really good books and great explanations.

SBAs for the Final FRCR 2A (Oxford Specialty Training: Revision Texts)

Another very wordy book with long questions and explanations. I found the explanations very good. A book to do early in your training.

Get Through Final FRCR Part A: SBAs for the Modular Examination

Great questions pitched at a decent level. I would recommend that you get through this one early as it is a bit wordy.

The following books are ones to avoid!

FRCR: PART 2A – Single Best Answer (SBA) Questions for the New Format

I hated this book. The questions were not representative at all. There were some answers that were good to read through but I would not base how you do in this book as a marker as to how well you will eventually do. In honesty I would just avoid.

Succeeding the New FRCR Part 2A Exam by Asim Ahmed Afaq Edward Leen (2012-07-06)

This has to be worst book EVER! SPOILER ALERT!!! For whatever reason the answer to most of the questions is ‘b’. The questions are so dumb. They just got a list off of Dahnert and made a question – ‘What is not on the list’. In the explanations they were either a one line reference to the said list in Dahnert or no explanation at all…AVOID!